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Benedict Devlin is battling drug dealers, and looking for the murderer of two dealers. At the same time, a group called The Rising made up mainly of Protestant ex-paramilitaries is waging a campaign against drugs and dealers. Devlin is overworked because many of the Garda stations near the border of Donegal and Derry are woefully understaffed. This leads to him neglecting his family while giving much of his time to helping his former partner and old romantic interest. The story is fast moving, full of twists and turns and surprises up to the end. McGilloway has a good way of summing up events throughout the novel which is a great device when things get complex. I'll be reading more soon!
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Inspektor Devlins vierter Fall
In den Überresten einer abgebrannten Scheune wird die Leiche eines Drogendealers gefunden. Der Mann wurde offenbar ermordet, und Inspektor Benedict Devlin verdächtigt die Bürgerwehr der Umgebung – ehemalige Söldner, die ihre Gruppe »Der Aufstand« nennen und sich dem Kampf gegen Drogen verschrieben haben.
Kurze Zeit später wird ein junger Mann tot an die Küste gespült. Er war vollgepumpt mit Kokain, und Devlin ist entsetzt, als sich herausstellt, dass es sich um den Sohn einer ehemaligen Kollegin handelt.
Als ein weiterer Mann tot aufgefunden wird, ahnt Devlin, dass hinter dieser Flut von Toten mehr stecken muss als der Aktionismus einer Bürgerwehr. Doch gerade, als es so aussieht, als ob Devlin der Wahrheit auf die Spur komme, hebt eine persönliche Krise sein Familienleben aus den Angeln – und die Kompromisse, die sein Beruf ihm abverlangt haben, holen ihn ein …

Ostensibly the plot revolves around a community action group `The Rising' who are seeking to eradicate the stranglehold on their neighbourhood of local drug dealers. However, this group is led by a small band of men who have less than savoury pasts and who are actually seeking to strengthen the grip of one major drug dealer, the outwardly respectable businessman Vincent Morrison, by disposing of the competition. Morrison is a nemesis to our moral yet maverick detective Devlin, who soon gets to the root of this conspiracy but also finds himself embroiled on a personal level with Morrison due to the growing relationship between Morrison's son John and Devlin's daughter Penny. Penny is approaching the devilish teenage years apace and all the seeds of rebellion are wonderfully sown as Devlin comes into conflict with his daughter over this youthful dalliance ultimately leading to a gripping emotional drama at the conclusion of the book putting Devlin's familial relationships at the very heart of this novel.

This book also sees the reappearance of Devlin's former colleague Caroline Williams who has always had a special place in Devlin's heart in the previous will they, won't they plot lines. There is heartbreak for Caroline with the senseless death of her teenage son Peter and through the actions of Caroline's ex-husband we see her pushed to her emotional limits and Devlin has no other option but to become more involved. This story line is particularly well realised and really tugs on the reader's heartstrings as Caroline is such an empathetic character and depicts the loyalty that Devlin has to those closest to him outside of his police role.

Brian McGilloway's books are always a wonderful combination of fictional drama blended with an adherence to factual history but I felt this book in particular marked a slight departure in style from the author. Indeed, what struck me most about the book was how emotionally fraught it was in comparison to the rest of the series and how, through the interlinking plot lines, the theme of family was so prevalent, amongst the `good' and the `bad' characters which made this book resonate with the reader on a much deeper level. A great read.

Blive Aufstand der Gerechten fortrolig med addition indenfor talområdet 1 – 100. Stifte bekendtskab med... fællesskab, konfliktløsning og de sociale relationer. Fortællekredsen er et.

Aufstand der GerechtenBrian McGilloway e-bog

natløb (smuglerløb!). Efter morgenandagten. Aufstand der Gerechten natløb (smuglerløb!). Efter morgenandagten.. tallene fra 1-100, og desuden lærte han bogstaverne. Resten af.

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